This is mostly a place to put files people may want to download.

Here is a collection of files to use Win98 on a Webplayer and work with the DOC.
Here are files to allow FreeBSD to run properly on a Webplayer
Here are files for using Win98 on a GCT-Allwell 1030 STB (base for WebSurfer)
backup copy of hack for msntv2
Here are files for use with an ADS GraphicsClient Plus

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Disturbing Auctions Daily

5/25/2011: Sold the Porsche 914, 1976 with original GC 2.0L engine, dual webber carbs, perf exhaust.

more info: When I got this car it was not functional. I performed the repairs needed to get it drivable (strip rust from gas tank and reline, replace gas pump, new alternator, new voltage regulator, bushings in rear stabilizer, front struts, bleed breaks). No longer have the time or money to work on or justify keeping it. Has number of small problems, including wipers not working, dash blower not working, missing parts in horn button, left headlight and license plate lights, and a previous owner moved the starter to a toggle switch. A previous owner repainted the car (it was yellow.) Click on below picture for more pictures.